Buy a stick and support the 2022 Australian Men’s lacrosse team are pleased to announce that we are an Official Sponsor of the 2022 Australian Men’s lacrosse team. The team will be playing in the 2022 IWGA World Games in Birmingham Alabama USA.

As a part of our sponsorship, one of our major suppliers, Signature Lacrosse, has donated the Signature Universal Complete lacrosse sticks to the team. These sticks are some of the best equipment you can get and are used by a number of professional NLL players.

To further support the team, we are offering the same Signature Universal Complete Lacrosse Stick for sale. For every stick sold between now and August 31st 2022, we will donate $50 to the team.

Signature have really come to the party on this one. A State League quality lacrosse stick for under $200 is unheard of … well … until today.

But Signature hasn’t stopped there. The Signature Universal Complete also comes in a women’s version. It super light weight, has an outstanding mesh pocket, World Lacrosse compliant, and the black design looks way cool.

Priced at under $250, it’s again almost unheard of for a women’s State League quality stick in that price range. And as for the men’s stick, for every stick sold up to August 31st 2022, we will donate $50 to the team.

We only have a limited number of sticks available and stock is available now. An early purchase also ensures your donation goes to the team earlier, which is when they need it the most.

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