Jimalax PRIME mesh, strings and mesh ktis

It’s Jimalax PRIME Time

The Jimalax Prime mesh is one of the leading meshes on the market today, but it’s a long way from the beginnings of the Jimalax business.

Our buddies over at Jimalax started their lacrosse mesh business over 20 years ago. Initially it was fairly standard mesh pieces and kits, but they soon found many area of improvement and pioneered a wave of innovation.

Lacrosse players were soon spoilt for choice with different diamond numbers and sizes, colours, wax mesh, semi-soft consistency, lightweight mesh and even hydrophobic mesh. You name it they’ve released a line in it and likely invented the line.

Today, Jimalax specialise in top of line mesh pieces which available to you in the “PRIME” mesh and kit range.

Jimalax PRIME mesh, strings and mesh kits

The Jimalax PRIME mesh is one of a select few performance mesh pieces we stock. The others being the StringKing 4s Semi Soft and ECD Hero 3.0 Semi Soft.

Sure, those two mesh pieces are top of the line, but if you’re looking for an alternative that is arguably just as good, the Jimalax PRIME is just the ticket. It’s all in the X-Weave.

Jimalax PRIME X-Weave

The detail around the X-Weave design is in, not surprisingly, the weave. Many meshes use slightly different fabric in their weave, which sometimes can be a bit more expensive per meter. But Jimalax have opted to tweak the weaving process to come up with something a little better.

The X-Weave is a cross over pattern resulting in a much tighter weave which out of the box greatly reduces bagging. You’re not going to get a lot of stretching and recoiling as you catch or pass from a loose weave.

The tighter weave also gives a lot more texture to one side. This side should be strung facing up towards the ball. It’s a detail, but it makes a huge difference. We all complain about shiny balls, but slippery and texture-less mesh can equally be to blame.

So yeah, shiny lacrosse balls are horrible as they slip out of your stick when shooting or passing. Ever wonder why sometimes when you shoot the ball goes a foot over the cage? Check the ball.

But also, check your mesh.

Hydrophobic, as all meshes should be

There is nothing worse than a water-logged mesh bagging out.

Your passes hit the floor. Your stick fails a stick check from an official. You can only make bounce shots (which for some players is a welcome change from shooting stick side high. Which reminds me of a timeless quote “Where do you find a bounce shot? In the back of the net.”)

It’s not a great experience.

The fabric in the Jimalax PRIME mesh is hydrophobic. Not more bucket-like mesh at quarter time. No more having to wet your mesh on warm days because you’ve string it to compensate for bagging mesh.

You’re going to get consistent performance for the whole game. Sin agua.

So check our our range of Jimalax PRIME meshes, strings and mesh kits. They’re top of the line and a little cheaper, which is always nice.

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