Lacrosse Australia has selected the Warrior Warp Mini as the stick of the "Social Lax" program.

Social Lax Program chooses Warp

On the back of all the COVID-19 lockdowns, Lacrosse Australia embarked on a reinvigoration program to get Australia moving (literally) again while also promoting lacrosse at the same time.

In partnership with UniSport Australia, Lacrosse Australia has been successful in its application to Sport Australia’s Participation Grant Program.

Lacrosse Australia has named the program “Social Lax“.

Social Lax

Social Lax is targeted at delivering lacrosse to 18-25 year-olds. This cohort of people missed out on their first couple of years of on-campus university and as a result, missed all the social and sports events that come with it.

Lacrosse Australia has designed the program to help students re-engage with sport and recreational activities in a safe environment as well as having a lot of fun at the same time.

Events will be scheduled in multiple states. The focus will be on central locations within high-quality environments such as university facilities, multi-sport complexes, and indoor facilities.

To support the grant application, Lacrosse Australia invited us to provide a competitive quote to equip the players with sticks. Our recommendation was for the Warrior Warp Mini Lacrosse Stick which Lacrosse Australia opted for.

Warrior Warp Mini Lacrosse Stick

The Warrior Warp Mini is the perfect stick for beginners and entry-level players. This stick requires zero-maintenance thanks to the Warp pocket so it’s ready to go with the first pass. You do not need to spend any time breaking it in. It throws the same first time, every time.

You can even do fakes, behind-the-backs, and crank shots, as well as toe drags and other tricks. It’s super-light and super-strong, and you can use all types of lacrosse balls with it. You can even use tennis balls.

Despite the many issues with international supply chains/raw material constraints/labour shortages/etc etc etc, Warrior Lacrosse was able to supply more than enough Warp Mini’s for the Social Lax program.

Warp Mini School and Team Kits

If you have a lacrosse program you’re preparing to deliver, please get in touch. The Warrior Warp Mini is the best stick for beginners and we strongly recommend them.

We offer packages of Warp Mini’s to cater for all needs. Our smallest is a set of 12 which is great for an U/10 team starting out, or also as a set for recruiting sessions. Our largest size goes all the way up to 24 sticks which is great for schools, but it can go up to whatever size you’d like.

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