Warrior Ritual X4 Pro+ Goalie Lacrosse Jock Groin Protector


Pro-level protection, Shockshield technology and a removable and washable liner make this a stand out for Goalies.

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Featuring pro-level protection, Shockshield technology and a removable and washable liner, the Warrior Ritual X4 Pro+ Goalie Jock is a serious piece of equipment for serious cage dwellers.


As a goalie, you face an onslaught of vulcanized rubber missiles from every angle at blistering speeds. Protecting your most vulnerable areas is an absolute must, which is why Warrior designed the Ritual X4 Pro+ with true pro-level protection. It’s a purpose-built goalie groin protector engineered to withstand even the hardest shots.

At the core is Warrior’s proprietary ShockShield technology – a multi-layered armour system that disperses and dissipates impact forces like no other. A rigid outer shell first deflects the initial brunt of the shot. Underneath, a flexible rubber inner liner and ventilated foam layers then absorb and evenly spread out any remaining forces before they can cause injury.


Uncompromising protection doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice mobility and comfort. The Ritual X4 Pro+ moves with your body rather than restricting it thanks to its ergonomic support structure and breathable mesh materials. The flexible support system bends and flexes naturally without pinching or binding. You’ll hardly notice it’s there until that first rocket inevitably comes screaming in.


The Ritual X4 Pro+ takes it a big step further with a fully removable and washable inner liner. After those inevitable close-range shots and sweat-filled marathon games, simply remove the liner and toss it in the wash. You’ll be able to start each game, practice, or wall-ball session smelling like a daisy without any funky residual odours. This key washability feature is a goalie’s best friend for maintaining peak on-field confidence all season long.


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