StringKing Complete 2 Senior Attack Lacrosse Stick


The perfect stick for ages 15 & up.

Featuring an elite head and a more durable premium alloy shaft, the Complete 2 Senior lacrosse stick delivers execution with the added toughness needed to dominate on the field.


The StringKing Complete 2 Senior Attack stick comes with:

  • Complete 2 Senior head
  • Strung with a StringKing 3s semi-soft mesh, mid-pocket
  • Premium 30″ alloy shaft (165+), suitable for attack and midfield.

This is the perfect stick for Seniors and Under 17 players wanting to progress with their game. It is very strong and has been designed to withstand the full checking rules of men’s lacrosse.

The head is an excellent all rounder. It’s great on ground balls and is accurate for passing and shooting.

The head comes pre-strung with Type 3 soft mesh. The pocket is a mid-pocket and has fantastic hold.

You’ll also find when shooting it has a nice amount of whip so you’re going to get a bit more speed in your shots. The whip is not excessive either so your passes will remain accurate and not hook.

All StringKing sticks come fitted with their locking bolt technology which attaches the head to the shaft. This is not a screw but in fact a bolt that goes all the way through the head and the shaft and locks it at both ends. Coupled with the snug fit of the shaft, this completely eliminates head rattle.

It is ready for game-time with no break-in necessary and no complicated maintenance required. You can literally take it out of the box and start playing.

All StringKing sticks come with a roll of tape, standard butt end and an end cap.


Additional information


Black/Black, White/Silver, White/White



Shaft Material

Alloy 7000 series


155g, 175g




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