Warrior Evo Krypto Lyte Attack Lacrosse Shaft


Manufactured with a lightweight 7000 series alloy material with a diamond grip exterior finish.

Suitable for underage lacrosse only.


The new Evo Krypto Lyte shaft from Warrior is the new 2023 release of the same reliable shaft in their Kyrpto-Lyte range. Designed in the USA and from 2022 is now manufactured in North America.


The 7000 series alloy is the most cost-effective shaft metal available that also offers great performance. The keep the Krypto Lyte light, a thinner wall design is implemented. So you get the performance characteristics of the high-grade material, but also a lightweight shaft.

it’s the same material featured in the Krypto-Pro, with the only difference being the thickness of the sidewall.

Shaft Cross Section

The shaft cross-section features a minimal concave design along 6 of the 8 sidewalls. The top and bottom sidewalls are straight, which is common. It’s not the traditional octagonal shape on most entry-level shafts but with enough concave shape to give you a little more feel.

Exterior Coating

The exterior of the shaft is finished with Warrior’s “diamond grip”. It’s not a grit finish but it’s enough to give you a good amount of grip on its own. It’s not a slippery feel as you would get from a matte finish.

Initially, you could get away with not using any tape, but after a while, you would likely need to add some.


The shaft comes with a head screw and a traditional butt end. If you need tape, head over to our shaft accessories to add some to your cart.


Additional information


Black, Silver


Attack (30")

Shaft Material

Alloy 7000 series






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