True Temper 5D Ignition Runner Women’s Lacrosse Mesh


The Ignition Runner Mesh is a one-of-a-kind Runner that gives women players the best pocket in the game, with maximum hold, quick release and pin-point accuracy.


Ignition Runner Mesh is designed with two different Rhombus diamond sizes for maximum performance. Large diamonds give maximum depth and hold while smaller diamonds push the ball to the sweet spot.

Semi-soft coating breaks in quickly and holds its shape for a pocket that is ready to go on Day One. Soft feel, resistant to water and stretch, Ignite is at the pinnacle of the mesh movement.

Accessory Mesh Runner piece – used for stringing women’s lacrosse heads.¬†Strings not included.


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Black, White

Stringing Style

Mesh Only, Semi-Soft, Women's


True Temper


True Temper

True Temper Lacrosse listen to the player's unmet needs. They are fearless in their designs of game-changing equipment. They care about growing the sport of lacrosse to a wider audience and more players.


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