Brine Iso Warp Women’s Lacrosse Mesh


Brine’s State-Of-The-Art Warp pocket is now available!

Comes pre-stretched and engineered for all weather conditions to maintain top-level performance for the whole game.


The Brine women’s ISO Warp Mesh combines state-of-the-art Warp knitting technologies while allowing for a fully customizable experience.

Pre-stretched and ready to go

It’s not a well-known fact that most new mesh is required to be first stretched before stringing. An unstretched mesh will likely bag out and potentially form an illegal pocket. If your new mesh doesn’t specifically state that it’s pre-stretched, then it’s not pre-stretched.

Fortunately, the ISO Warp mesh has been pre-stretched for you. This means less time stringing and a minimal break-in time. Getting you to the point of using your new mesh fast.

And importantly, no bagging.

Weather resistant mesh

The mesh is one of the most low-maintenance meshes on the market. Like most modern meshes, the fabric has some hydrophobic properties.

But the weave itself adds a lot of benefits. It’s very tight and the pre-stretched nature only adds to the tightness. And the tighter the weave, the less room the water has to cause issues.

Variable size diamonds

The diamond design on the mesh is quite different to all other meshes. The smaller diamonds are dotted along the outer areas to give you a solid structure and the larger diamonds have been positioned to give you the ultimate sweet spot.

Stringing is a breeze. It’s almost impossible to string a bad pocket!

World Lacrosse Compliance

The ISO Warp mesh from Brine is certified across all lacrosse heads.


Additional information


Black, White, Yellow

Stringing Style

Mesh Only, Semi-Soft, Women's






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