Signature Pro Contract Custom Lacrosse Stick


RRP: $329.99

Featuring the Signature Pro Contract head, as used by Dhane Smith from Team Canada, Chaos (PLL) & Buffalo Bandits (NLL).

We’ve matched it with our high-performance alloy shaft and custom StringKing mesh and strings.

Top/Bottom String
Sidewall Lace


We’ve worked with our lacrosse partners to bring you a stick that has all the performance characteristics but without the price tag.

Signature Pro Contract Head

Signature is the emerging brand in lacrosse and the Pro Contract is the top-of-the-line head in their range.

With a host of pro-level features such as the offset design, sidewall rail reinforcement, groundball-friendly scoop design and tri-screw throat attachment, it will not let you down.

High Strength Alloy 7075 Shaft

We have sourced a high-strength aluminium alloy shaft specifically for this stick. Dollar for dollar this is the best value shaft we have.

We’ve also incorporated a concave sidewall design that enhances the strength and durability of the shaft. The concave shape also gives you a better grip on the shaft.

Stringking Mesh and Strings

StringKing is arguably the leader in lacrosse mesh and string manufacturing today.

In terms of mesh, you can choose from any of the 2s varieties we have available. We also have the 3s available if you feel you need a bit more performance.

In keeping with the mesh, your head is strung with StringKing laces. The strings have all the performance features such as a tight weave and low elasticity. The shooters are fat and, bright and rugged.

Custom Colours

StringKing mesh and strings come in different colours which you can choose from. You can tailor your design to whatever you like!




For the players. By the players. They created the “Signature Premium Ball”, which quickly became the most trusted ball in the NCAA, the Official Ball of Professional Lacrosse, and the Official Ball of Federation of International Lacrosse. Now Signature has taken the same “Problem-solving” approach; to build innovative products, distribute them in disruptive ways, to progress the experience of the sport, and make the sport more accessible.


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