Warrior Nemesis QS Unstrung Goalie Lacrosse Head


Warrior Nemesis QS Unstrung Goalie Lacrosse Head


The Nemesis QS (which stands for Quick Save) from Warrior is the lightest (by only a few grams) performance goalie head available. Warrior has added a couple of new features that are unique to goalie heads that we will definitely see in competing brands over the next few seasons.

The first is with the ThermaLoc+ plastic. This adds a great deal to the stiffness of the head. Most performance heads of late get a little soft after a few years and the new Therma-Loc+ process is designed to combat that.

The other benefit Therma-Loc+ provides is that it retains more stiffness in warmer temperatures. Warrior conducted a lot of temperature testing in their Evo QX and Burn XP range of heads. It’s resulted in a significant reduction in head flex when playing in the heat and has now rolled this technology in their goalie’s head.

The reduction in flex reduces the chance of a hard shot blowing through the head because of the head flex.

The other nice feature is on the throat. Warrior has added a plastic lip to this region. Why you may ask? That’s a very good question.

Most goalkeepers these days position their top hand directly on the throat of the head. The lip gives you something extra to grab onto which further adds to your hold and control of the stick. It specifically stops the head from moving or rotating when a shot is stopped off-centre. With softer heads or heads which are difficult to hold, a hard shot could still blast through the head. Keeping is already hard, and letting in shots that you had a piece of is not what we want.

Weight-wise and stringing, it’s very much the same as the Nemesis 3. It’s only a couple of grams lighter and has the same stringing holes. The lack of weight change is remarkable considering the improvements in stiffness and the stringing holes not changing is a blessing. Stringing goalie heads is already difficult enough!

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