Warrior Evo QX2-O Unstrung Lacrosse Head


With its precision engineering, durability, and adaptability, the Warrior Evo QX2-O head is a game-changer that will elevate your game to unmatched levels of excellence.


New for 2023, the Warrior Evo QX2-O emerges as the epitome of innovation and craftsmanship, a testament to the evolution of the game.

Construction: Where Durability Meets Performance

Crafted with precision using the revolutionary Therma-Loc+ hybrid thermoplastic resin, this head is a performance powerhouse. The new plastic retains its stiffness by up to 50% better in various temperatures than the typical nylon heads. This gives you a much more consistent head throughout the whole game. In Australia, this feature is especially important as our playing temperatures are far higher than most other popular lacrosse-playing countries.

Rain or shine, this head stands resilient, offering a consistent and reliable experience every time it hits the field.

Scoop: Precision in Every Play

Engineered with a strategically designed Scoop Diffuser, this head elevates groundball domination to a whole new level. Whether it’s the crispness of the turf or the unpredictability of grass fields, this scoop conquers every surface, ensuring a sure grip on the ball and unparalleled maneuverability.

Pinch: Control Redefined

This head’s extended channel, a result of its higher pinch design, revolutionizes your game. It’s not just about holding onto the ball; it’s about mastering it. Your passes and the accuracy of your shots will all be amplified by this longer channel that offers unmatched control.

Sidewalls: Strength and Customisation

This head stands tall against the toughest challenges, with its sidewalls fortified by the innovative Fuelcore Sidewall. This design spreads the force evenly across the sidewall, removing the risk of there being any single weak point. But it doesn’t stop there. Paired with a specially designed bottom rail for mid to low-pocket placement, this head is designed for hold, control and accuracy.

Shaft Attachment: Personalisation for Performance

You have the option of utilising the LOC-THROAT attachment. This is an insert that will give you a better head-to-shaft attachment and go a long way to reducing head rattle. It’s super light eight so it’s not going to add any noticeable weight. It’s also removable if it gets in the way of being fitted to your favourite shaft.

Meeting all World Lacrosse field specifications, the Warrior Evo QX2-O lacrosse head is your ticket to the big leagues. It adheres to the highest standards and with the unique and innovative features from Warrior, this is one of our leading heads this season.


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