Warrior Burn FO Recovery Unstrung Lacrosse Head


As used by Trevor Baptiste in the 2023 World Championships.


In the relentless arena of faceoffs, the Warrior Burn FO Recovery Lacrosse Head emerges as a game-changer. Crafted with an eye for innovation, this head will perform during and after your face-off.

Construction: The Science of Recovery

Enter the world of pure resin, the lifeline of this head’s construction. The pure resin construction offers an unparalleled ability to snap back into form after your faceoff, ensuring a quick rebound and readiness for the next play.

The head is also asymmetrically designed to strike the perfect balance between flex, strength, and recovery. You’ll get great sidewall flex for the faceoff without compromising its performance around the ground.

Face Shape: Versatility in Design

The Burn FO Recovery Head’s universal pinch design offers the flexibility to accommodate various faceoff styles and techniques, ensuring versatility without compromising performance. After the draw, this face shape ensures consistency and control of your passes and accuracy of your shots.

Shaft Attachment: Precision and Stability

The head is designed with increased throat stiffness to ensure rigidity in that region. The throat is also designed to accommodate two screws; which is nice and these days is now becoming the norm for faceoff heads.

The head also features a fixed throat plug that fits inside the shaft. It’s a neat feature that greatly adds to the stability of the head on your shaft. Please note that the plug cannot be removed so your shaft needs to be hollow. We always recommend a metal shaft for faceoff and they tend to be hollow. However, carbon shafts do tend to have an insert inside the shaft and this will get in the way.

Compliance: Meeting the Standards

The design of the Warrior Burn FO Recovery lacrosse head meets World Lacrosse field specifications. It adheres to the stringent standards set by the sport’s governing body, ensuring eligibility for official games and tournaments.


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