StringKing Type 5 Mesh String Kit


Type 5 raises the bar for performance lacrosse mesh. Years of experience, a decade of development, and generations of products have all resulted in this — the highest-performing and most consistent lacrosse mesh the game has ever seen.



Optimized feel

Type 5 performance mesh is the most advanced lacrosse mesh StringKing has made. Every generation of mesh has gotten better since StringKing released Type 1, and Type 5 is the next leap forward. The right balance of thickness, weight, responsiveness, and texture in Type 5 mesh creates the perfect lacrosse pocket. You get more control and a better feel than ever, and your pocket will perform exactly how you need every time.

Perfected performance

With over 10 years of experience making lacrosse mesh, 4 previous generations, unmatched expertise in textiles, and feedback from every level of the game, StringKing takes Type 5 to another level of performance. Type 5 features a tighter construction, giving you more control with the ball in your pocket and delivering ultra-consistent performance.

Increased durability

Even the best lacrosse pocket in the world is only good as long as it holds up. No other piece of equipment in all of sport has as much impact on your performance or requires so much expertise. StringKing has taken all the questions out of the equation with Type 5 mesh. It delivers long-lasting, durable, and consistent performance in every possible playing condition, all backed by the best warranty in lacrosse.

Twistex™ technology

Twistex™ is StringKing’s twisted yarn technology, designed to give you more control, more speed, and more consistency. Adding a twist to the yarns before they are knit creates a more compact construction with more texture and a rigid backbone for consistent performance.


Additional information



Stringing Style

Men's, Semi-Hard, Semi-Soft, Stringing Kit


Black, White

Kit Type

Handy Kit, Mesh Kit




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