StringKing Metal 3 Pro Defence Lacrosse Shaft


Made with premium alloy and precise manufacturing, the Metal 3 Pro defence lacrosse shafts deliver the performance you want. All the durability you need without being weighed down.



The Metal 3 Pro defence sgaft from StringKing is made from an improved alloy that adds a bit more durability to their metal line.

Shaft Design

Like their new Composite 2 Pro range, this shaft has also benefitted from a more intelligent manufacturing process.

StringKing analysed the warranty claims, specifically where the shafts were breaking, and modified the shaft design by moving material to the weaker areas to reinforce it overall. The relocation of material not only means a stronger shaft, but no extra weight.

Cross Section

As with all the StringKing shafts, this features a traditional octagonal shape.

Exterior Finish

And again, as with the StringKing shafts, the exterior is a smooth matte finish. Most players have the need to tape the shaft and if that’s you, you will need to tape it. StringKing pre-empt this and you’ll see why in the section section.


StringKing include the standard butt end on all their shafts but also include an end cap for those who like to construct their own shaft end desisn. They also throw in a roll of tape as most players require tape for their StringKing shafts.


Additional information



Shaft Material

Alloy Pro


Defense (60")


Black, Silver






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