StringKing Composite 2 Pro Defence Lacrosse Shaft


The StringKing Composite 2 Pro defence lacrosse is the newest release in its carbon line. StringKing has reworked its carbon fibre shafts by identifying areas that needed extra strength and then reinforcing them using a smarter design and new, cutting-edge manufacturing.

The result is a light, stiff, and now even stronger lacrosse shaft built to perform on defence.



The shaft is made from StringKing’s latest carbon fibre material. It’s a well-engineered, lightweight fibre and was the basis for the success of their initial Composite Pro series.

Shaft Design

The Composite 2 Pro range features StreingKing’s “Smart Taper Technology”. The construction process moves material from low-impact areas to the places where shafts tend to break. It’s a smart design feature and we are now seeing other manufacturers implement this same technique in their shafts.

Adding to the taper process is their new layering process. This is an automated process that provides a consistent application of fibre layers. The consistency results in an ultra-stiff and high-quality shaft.

Cross Section

All 8 sides of the shaft are straight. StringKing doesn’t have much of a, if fact any, concave shape to their sidewalls. Just a standard octagonal shape.

Exterior Finish

The exterior finish of the Composite 2 Pro line is very much the same as all their other shafts. It’s a very clean, matte finish. No gimmicks or fancy designs. Its selling feature is its quality.

If you feel you need tape for your shaft you will need tape for this shaft.


StringKing continues with its standard suite of accessories. Included is a roll of tape, the shat butt end and also an end cap.


Additional information



Shaft Material

Composite/Carbon fibre


Defense (60")


Black, White






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