StringKing Complete 2 Pro Offence Lacrosse Stick with High Tech Trad Pocket


The Complete 2 Pro Offense stick with the Tech Trad pocket builds upon one of the best-performing women’s lacrosse sticks in the game. It comes with an expertly strung with a high Tech Trad pocket and the choice of carbon fibre or metal shaft.

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Light and Stiff

The Mark 2 Offense head at the core of this setup is a true featherweight bruiser. While incredibly lightweight, it’s also stiff as a rock. This stiff structure is the ideal backbone for StringKing’s new Tech Trad pocket, unlocking levels of power, control, and consistency that will have you questioning your previous stick. No more having to choose between weight and rigidity. With the Mark 2 Offense, you get the best of both worlds.

Faster Shots

When you’re about to rip a shot from up top, you need a head and pocket that can deliver. The Tech Trad pocket featured on this Complete 2 Pro is exactly that. Its unique design creates high velocity while maintaining an unprecedented level of control over your shot’s direction. The days of hoping your hardest efforts are on target are over. With the explosive Tech Trad at your disposal, you’ll have all the tools to launch heat-seekers with ease, beating even the quickest goalies.

More Hold

Along with blistering velocity comes the ability to maintain that crucial control over the ball. The Tech Trad pocket’s innovative design maximizes holding power like nothing before. Whether you’re dodging, winding up or patiently waiting for that split-second opening, the exceptional hold provides the confidence to control the pace. You’ll gain confidence with how long you can keep the ball secured, allowing you to set up teammates or bury it yourself.


When the weather turns, this Complete 2 Pro setup stands ready to perform. Its Tech Trad pocket features weather-resistant materials that maintain their pocketing performance through rain or blistering heat. No more adjusting to changing conditions by re-stringing between each game. StringKing’s meticulous craftsmanship results in a machine-precise, climate-conquering pocket built to last.

A Better Shaft

Complementing the Mark 2 Offense head is your choice of StringKing’s lightweight yet stiff Metal 3 Pro alloy or Composite Pro carbon fibre shaft. Both options provide the perfect balance of weight and flex to unlock the true potential of the head. Their thinner profiles bring the weight closer to your hands for a hyper-responsive feel with zero unwanted wobble.

6-Month Warranty

StringKing stands by the quality of its Complete 2 Pro setup. In the unlikely event that any component fails to perform as promised within the first 6 months, we’ll make it right. This guarantee allows you to play with ultimate confidence from the moment you first step on the field with your new weapon.

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Black/Black, Black/Yellow, White/Carolina Blue, White/White, White/Yellow

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