Maverik Union Attack Lacrosse Shaft


The Maverik Union Attack Lacrosse Shaft is the perfect choice for any lacrosse player looking for a reliable and durable shaft. It is made from a strong and lightweight alloy, making it ideal for quick and powerful shots.

The shaft has a traditional octagonal shape, providing a comfortable grip and improved control. It is also designed with a subtle textured finish to help you maintain a secure grip. This shaft is available in black or white colours.

With its lightweight design and stylish look, the Maverik Union Attack Lacrosse Shaft is sure to be a hit on the field.

Used by PLL Whipsnakes’ Zed Williams.



The Union weighs in at just under 180g, which is almost identical to the Caliber. It’s made from a scandium/titanium alloy, the same material as the Caliber. This type of alloy is a high performer in lacrosse shafts and it’s no surprise we’re seeing more shafts in this alloy.

Shaft Design

The shaft is constructed with Maverik’s own Dynamic Wall Taper process. It is an extrusion process that tapers the wall thickness of the shaft to ensure the material is added to the areas that receive the most contact. It also ensures excess material is not added which makes this a nicely weighted shaft.

Cross Section

The shaft has a traditional shape to it with an ever so slight concave curve on the four diagonal walls. Not too much of a curve that offers a sharper edge meaning more wear, but just enough to provide that traditional feel.

It’s the same old design that has served many a great shaft in the past.

Exterior Finish

The look of the Maverik Union is pretty sleek with a very subtle bead-blasted finish. While the shaft looks shiny, the finish has a very slight grippy feel to it. You could get away with no tape if you’re happy with that sort of style.


The Maverik Adjustable Butt-End (ABE) is included in the shaft. This provides a fully adjustable shaft butt end that can not only be attached to the base of the shaft and placed anywhere along it. And … stay in place.

The shaft also comes with a compact tool to adjust the shaft screw as well as the ABE screw. It’s large enough to do the job and small enough to fit into your kit bag.


Additional information


Black, White


Attack (30")

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