Maverik Tank 2 Lacrosse Head


Build for Battle.

If you’re a fundamental defenseman built for battle, the Tank 2.0 provides the strength, stiffness and face shape to protect the house in the air, on the ground or in enemy hands. The 6-strut design, now with Xrail Technology, redefines the standards for stiffness and strength so you can lift, poke and slap with confidence.

Updated with a perfectly engineered scoop, defensemen will own the up-and-out ground ball battle every time they enter the scrum. Whether your home, extended or up-field, the NEW Tank 2.0 will help you dominate the defensive end.


The Tank 2 is the second edition of Maverik’s leading defensive head. A number of improvements and tweaks have been added to give you even more performance without sacrificing performance or weight.

Added strength for the Aussie climate

Maverik has manufactured the Tank 2 with “Duratough Materials”. It’s a lightweight plastic that has excellent durability and has great stiffness.

But the main feature, which is especially important for the Australian market, is that it maintains its stiffness in all weather conditions. Some plastics tend to soften in the heat, but not the Tank 2. It will continue to perform even in our harsh conditions.

Ground Control and High Pocket Placement

A perfectly engineered scoop angle designed specifically to scoop ground balls with ease. It’s a very wide scoop and flattens out ever so slightly when in contact with the ground giving you a wide collection area. It’s almost like the ball wants to jump in on its own. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Complimenting the scoop is the high pocket placement. The Tank2 is rated as a “Level 5” pocket, which is a high pocket and about as high as you can get it. Level 1 is the lowest, which you’ve no doubt already worked out.

The wide scoop combined with the high pocket means you’ll be on-touching ground balls with ease and speed.

Defensive Face Shape

The Tank 2 features a wide-face design. And to be honest, when you look at it, it looks like a defender’s head. It’s nice and wide which compliments the scoop and high pocket features. Percentage-wise, the extra 5mm of width should increase your chances of knockdowns (however small), but really this is an added bonus to an already fantastic straight defence head.

XRail Technology

This is a really nice feature of the Tank 2. The sidewalls feature 6 struts that connect the top and bottom rails. These are a major contributing factor to the stiffness of the head and are engineered to distribute the stress to the opposite rail when throwing checks.

The “X” in the “XRail” comes from the design of the individual struts. From the top or bottom, they look like X’s.

And a nice little bonus, the lightweight design of the Tank is maintained!



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