Maverik MX EKG Goalie Lacrosse Chest Pad


The Maverik MX EKG Goalie Lacrosse Chest Pad is an excellent choice for goalies of all levels who want to stay protected on the field without compromising their performance. With its advanced features and superior protection, this chest pad is a must-have for any serious lacrosse player.


The Maverik MX EKG Goalie Lacrosse Chest Pad is a premium chest pad designed specifically for goalies in lacrosse.

NOCSAE compliant

This chest pad features an External Cardiac Guard (EKG) that meets the new NOCSAE performance standard ND200, which helps address commotio cordis, a potentially fatal condition caused by blunt force trauma to the chest.

Outstanding Chest Plate Protection

The ANAFORM chest plates of the Maverik MX EKG Goalie Lacrosse Chest Pad are designed to manage impact forces while maximizing freedom of movement, providing the perfect balance of protection and mobility. This feature is especially important for newcomers and intermediates who are still developing their skills and need extra protection without sacrificing movement.

Fully adjustable

The chest pad also features elastic straps that ensure a secure fit, while the adjustable back strap allows for a personalized fit, ensuring that the pad stays in place during intense gameplay.

The bottom half is attached with velcro and can be removed. This is especially handy for those who aren’t facing high-velocity shots or those who want a lower-profile pad.


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