Maverik Hyperlite Attack Lacrosse Shaft


The Maverik Hyperlite Attack Lacrosse Shaft is the perfect choice for any attack player looking for a lightweight and durable shaft. It is made from a strong and lightweight composite material that is designed to last.

The shaft is 30 inches long and weighs only just over 140g, making it one of the lightest shafts on the market. The has a traditional octagonal shape, which provides a comfortable grip and superior control and is available in two colours: black or white

The Maverik Hyperlite Attack Lacrosse Shaft is designed to give you the ultimate performance and is sure to take your game to the next level.



The Hyperlite shaft from Maverik is made from a new carbon fibre which is a great combination of strength and lightness. At around 140g it is incredibly light, making it one of the lightest shafts on the market. And adding the new carbon fibre material to the mix for added strength puts it towards the top of the list.

Shaft Design

The carbon material has a “zero-flex” construction which works to reduce the flex in the shaft. Most carbon shafts have a bit of flex to them, but this one doesn’t move much at all. The rigidity is very noticeable. If that’s what you’re looking for in a shaft, you may have found your new one.

Cross Section

As with Maverik’s other carbon shaft, the Hyperdrive, it has a traditional cross-section design. No over-pronounced concave edges, just the regular old octagonal design, which has worked so well for so many decades.

Exterior Finish

Aside from all the outstanding performance features of the shaft, Maverik has overlaid a pretty cool design. If you’re wanting to stand out during selection, this looks to be a good choice.

The exterior features a beaded finish which has a sleek look. It’s smooth enough to spin your shaft in your hand but has an ever-so-light grippy feel to it so when you tighten your grip.


All Maverik shafts for 2023 come with an Adjustable Butt-End (ABE). It fits all of its shafts and can be adjusted to sit along any section of the shaft.  A maintenance tool is included with contains two screw heads. Once for the ABE and one for the shaft screw.


Additional information


Black, White


Attack (30")

Shaft Material

Composite/Carbon fibre








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