Maverik Hyperdrive Attack Lacrosse Shaft


The Maverik Hyperdrive Attack Lacrosse Shaft is the perfect choice for any lacrosse player looking for a lightweight, durable and stylish shaft.

It’s a carbon-based shaft and has been constructed with a zero-flex design which is great for two-way players. It is a standard 30 inches long and weighs only 170g, making it easy to maneuver and control.

The shaft features a traditional octagonal shape and a bead-blasted grip for added control. This shaft is rounded off with a matte finish for a sleek look and is available in black or white.

With its lightweight design and reliable construction, the Maverik Hyperdrive Attack Lacrosse Shaft is the perfect choice for any lacrosse player.



The Hyperdrive is manufactured with a carbon composite material which gives it added strength without adding extra weight. The shaft weighs about 170g, which is great for a 30″ shaft and a few grams less than the equivalent metal shafts from Maverik.

Shaft Design

The design comes with a “zero-flex” feature. Most carbon-based shafts, when compared to metal shafts, have a bit of flex in them, but Maverik has opted for a specific carbon weave to greatly reduce this flex. Flex gives you a bit more whip, which is advantageous for high-velocity shooters, but two-way players prefer a more rigid shaft for groundballs and short-stick defence, and this shaft is designed just for that.

Cross Section

The cross-section of the shafts is the standard traditional design. No over-pronounced concave edges, just a standard octagonal design, which works well.

Exterior Finish

The shaft is finished off with the Maverik bead-blast finish. It’s somewhat smooth (your gloves will love not getting chewed up) but when you grip it hard the ever-so-slight bead texture will come into play. If you do normally tape your shafts, have a go first without some, but keep a roll handy.


As with all the Maverik shafts, the Adjustable Butt-End (ABE) is included. These are a fantastic idea and designed well. They will fit on any shaft.

A dual screw tool is included so you can adjust the ABE and well as the shaft screw. It’s small and compact so it will fit almost anywhere.


Additional information


Black, White


Attack (30")

Shaft Material

Composite/Carbon fibre








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