Maverik Hypercore Defence Lacrosse Shaft


The Maverik Hypercore Defence Lacrosse Shaft is the perfect choice for the defensive player looking for a lightweight and durable shaft.
Made from carbon composite, the shaft is both lightweight and strong, making it ideal for defensive players who need to move quickly.

The shaft also features Maverik’s signature I-Beam Carbon Core technology for zero flex, which provides increased stiffness and strength for maximum power and control. It has a traditional octagonal shape that provides superior grip and control and is available in black or white.

With its lightweight profile and revolutionary design features, the Maverik Hypercore Defence Lacrosse Shaft is the perfect choice for defensive players who need performance at a value price point.

Used by PLL Chrome’s JT Giles-Harris.



The shaft is made from Carbon Composite, this lightweight shaft provides outstanding performance at a reasonable price. It’s an excellent mix of good strength without the extra weight that the more robust defensive shafts have.

Shaft Design

Unique to the Hypercore Shaft, the I-Beam technology is a revolutionary design that adds extra strength and reduces flex without adding significant amounts of extra weight. The I-Beam runs vertically through the core of the shaft. This acts to reduce the flex in the throwing and shooting motion. You will still feel some flex laterally and usually only throwing checks using the side of the shaft.

We’ve never seen anything like this before and it looks to be a very solid idea. It’s not hard to tell that the flex has been reduced because long poles made of carbon do flex quite a lot.

Cross Section

The shaft features a standard, decades-old, octagonal shape design. When considering the features of the shaft, such as the I-Beam, this is at the other end of the revolutionary scale.

Exterior Finish

The shaft is finished with a matte coating which has a softer feel and sits in the palm of your gloves well. If you do tend to tape you shafts, you will most likely have to tape this one.


Comes with the Adjustable Butt-End (ABE) and a complimentary tool from that fits the two screw heads. One for the shaft screw and one for the ABE.


Additional information


Black, White


Defense (60")

Shaft Material

Composite/Carbon fibre






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