Maverik Caliber Attack Lacrosse Shaft


The Maverik Caliber Attack Lacrosse Shaft is a strong and durable lacrosse shaft that is perfect for any attackman. The shaft is 30″ long and is made with Maverik’s new Dual Wall Taper Technology. It’s made from a high-grade Scandium-Titanium alloy with reinforcement at the centre for superior strength and performance.

The shaft features a traditional octagon shape for improved grip and control, and its concave sidewalls provide a comfortable feel in your hands. It weighs around 180g, which is quite light considering the material.

The Maverik Caliber Attack Lacrosse Shaft is available in black or white and is the perfect choice for any attackman looking for a durable and reliable lacrosse shaft.

Used by PLL Chaos’ Mac O’Keefe.



The Caliber shaft is one of the strongest metal shafts in the Maverik range. Made from the same scandium-titanium alloy as the Apollo, this shaft features the same military-grade consistency.

Shaft Design

This shaft features “Dual Wall Taper” technology. This features extra reinforcement at the centre of the shaft so you can lay some really hard checks. Or withstand them, depending on your style. This means a bit more metal in the shaft as compared to the Apollo, which features the Dynamic Wall taper which is a bit more selective on where the extra metal goes.

The shaft feels rock solid. The additional 30-odd grams in weight looks to be in extra shaft metal. Nice!

Cross Section

The shaft has a pronounced concave shape to it along the four smaller diagonal side walls. The other 4 walls are flat. It feels like a regular shaft, but you can feel the concaved edges when you grip hard. That’s quite a nice feature as the concaved edges do give you a bit more control as to how the shaft would spin in your hands.

Exterior Finish

The shaft coating is matte and quite smooth. If you are one to use tape, you will definitely need tape for this.

There’s no texturised finish to it like you see on the Apollo. Maverik look to have held back on the exterior coating for this and instead added extra strength to the shaft. And I think we all agree that a strong shaft is a good shaft.


The Maverik attack shafts for 2023 feature the Adjustable Butt-End (ABE). This allows you to place the butt end not just at the base, but where you want it.  It also comes with a complimentary tool from Maverik that fits two screw heads. One is for your shaft and the other is to adjust the ABE screw.


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