ECD Ion Unstrung Lacrosse Head


Packed with features, the new Ion lacrosse head from ECD is the attackman’s dream. Diamond plastic, aerodynamic features and a tight face shape it’s designed to score.


The ECD Ion Lacrosse Head emerges as a true game-changer. Crafted with a meticulous eye for detail and engineered to perfection, this head isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a statement of excellence.

Construction: Unraveling the Diamond Plastic

Enter the realm of patent-pending Diamond Plastic construction. It’s a testament to innovation which promises durability beyond measure. It’ll give you the assurance needed to deliver consistency and resilience through every game and practice.

Face Shape: Where Aerodynamics Meet Precision

The aerodynamics of the face shape is not just about design; it’s about performance. The Ion’s face shape cuts through the air effortlessly, reducing drag and maximizing speed and accuracy. It’s the little bit extra that helps your shot meet its mark with pinpoint precision.

Shaft Attachment: The Intricacy of Specialty Screws

If you’re going to manufacture a revolutionary lacrosse head, you’ve got to cover all bases. Even the screw. How much difference does a screw make? From what we’ve seen on the Ion, quite a bit. The specialty screw has been specially designed to sit flush on the head and with a precise fit. And you get not just one screw, but two.

Multiple Colours: Eyecatching Performance

The Ion comes in 5 different colour styles. White, Midnight, Ruby, Clear and Frost.

Compliance: Born in the USA, Designed for Excellence

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the ECD Ion lacrosse head meets the stringent regulations set by World Lacrosse. It ensures professional-grade performance that will also catch the eye.


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Clear, Frost, Midnight, Ruby, White




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