ECD Impact Goalie Mesh Kit


Featuring strong and lightweight fibres, an optimized diamond shape, and an upgraded coating, Impact mesh provides a responsive feel and consistency you can rely on when the game is on the line. And it’s a breeze to string.



The new Impact Goalie mesh from ECD lacrosse is a fantastic refresh from one of the leading lacrosse mesh manufacturers.


ECD has refreshed the colour lines with a more vibrant Black and White and also introduced the Black Striker.

Mesh Weave

The weave of the Impact mesh has been totally redesigned and is quite different to the Hero. ECD has gone back to the traditional shape that they featured in their wax mesh. They have gone with a diamond shape with shorter crossovers, which really highlights the diamonds.

This allows you to string a deeper pocket which adds to the rebound control on shots and has a really smooth throw.


ECD has introduced some new materials into the weave and textured them together giving you a great grip and great feel. It has a high breaking strength and abrasion strength so it will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The new fibres used in the construction which make it so strong are also lightweight giving you a lightweight head.


This mesh is perfect for all goalie heads and especially for the Impact goalie head (coming soon).


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Stringing Style

Goalie, Semi-Hard, Semi-Soft, Stringing Kit


ECD Lacrosse




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