Brine Halo Women’s Lacrosse Goggles


New for season 2024. With a low-profile contoured cage, silicone comfort pads and a dual strap you can be sure they will stay in place and perform to the very end.



The low profile cage design of the Brine Halo goggles provides the ultimate vision on the lacrosse field. As you sprint down the field, the wide viewing area allows you to easily track the movement of your teammates and opponents. The sleek, minimalistic cage eliminates blind spots and clears your line of sight.


Contoured to sit snugly against your face, the Halo goggles deliver an enhanced, secure fit. As you move, the goggles don’t. They stay locked in place, preventing distracting slippage.

The dual strap allows you to position it comfortably around your head while splitting the strap to disperse pressure evenly. No more headaches or irritation from unbalanced tightness.

Silicone comfort pads where the goggle meets your skin provide an added cushion for a soft, chafe-free fit during every shift. You can play with confidence, knowing the goggles won’t shift or bounce.

Meeting the SEI ASTM F3077-21 standard for women’s lacrosse, the Brine Halo goggles deliver superior eye protection. You can trust the durable design to safeguard your vision from stray sticks and blazing shots. Enjoy the game you love while prioritising your safety.


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Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Silver




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