Warrior Warp Junior Primary/Secondary Lacrosse Kit – 12 Sticks

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A excellent starter kit for secondary schools and beginner programs.

  • 12 x Warrior Warp Junior lacrosse sticks


12 × Warrior Evo Warp 37" Junior Lacrosse Stick - White

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The Warrior Warp Junior lacrosse kit is the best way to get started in lacrosse.

Warrior Warp Junior

This kit features the Warrior Warp Junior which is by far the best stick to learn with. This is a real lacrosse stick with a preformed mesh pocket that throws perfect first time and every time.

Beginner lacrosse sticks have traditionally been sof-crosse sticks. These are plastic moulded heads that resemble soft plastic buckets. They are missing the mesh style pockets which are what make lacrosse the wonderful game it is.

The Warrior Warp Junior is a remarkable innovation in the sport of lacrosse. Warrior engineered a custom manufacturing process to insert a mesh pocket into a real lacrosse head during the moulding process.

What results is a real lacrosse stick that is ready to go out of the box.

The stick has all the great features a beginner needs. It has a light weight design, a shorter length (37″), a smaller shaft (7/8″ in diameter) and a wide head to make catching and scooping easier.

To assist players in developing their skills, the Warp Junior allows players to develop beyond the basic skills. You can cradle out wide, in close and with one or two hands. You can take crank shots, make “quickstick” (different to the Lacrosse Australia program) passes and execute one-handed ground balls.

But the features don’t stop there. Being a real lacrosse stick you can also execute some of the advanced lacrosse skills. The pocket allows for fakes, both types of “behind the back” passing and you can even show off your stick tricks.

The Warrior Warp Junior is truly the best stick for beginners.

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