Warrior Evo QX Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft


Warrior Evo QX Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft


The new Evo QX Carbon is one of the lightest attack shafts on the market.

The QX Carbon shaft is made out of a stiff carbon fibre layering in the lateral and transverse directions. This essentially means it’s layered from inside out and criss-crossed in non-parallel angular layers. This is reported to provide faster and more accurate releases.

A “tactical” grip is layered to the exterior of the shaft. It consists of a series of parallel lines that run along the areas where a player would normally hold the shaft. This gives a subtle, but nice grip of the shaft with less wear and tear on your gloves.

This is in contrast to the Burn XP Carbon which has dots along the grip areas. They tend to not normally be as good for the wear and tear of your gloves.

The shafts is designed and manufactured in North America.

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Black, White


Attack (30")

Shaft Material

Composite/Carbon fibre






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