Warrior Evo Complete Defence Lacrosse Stick


The Warrior Evo Defence stick is a great long stick for an intermediate player wanting to take up a role in defence. Featuring the Evo head and Kryptolyte shaft, it’s a great upgrade from beginner equipment.

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This is a great stick for developing players looking to refine their stick skills while playing defence.

It features the Evo head with a slightly narrower shape which improves passing accuracy and overall ball control. The head is strung with a semi-soft mesh which holds the ball a little better than the soft meshes used in beginner sticks.

The long pole is a 60″ Kryptolyte diamond alloy shaft. This will give you added strength over beginner d-poles while not adding too much more weight. As you progress, the extra weight won’t make a difference but you’ll appreciate choosing a stronger shaft.

This is suitable for Intermediate lacrosse players in Under 14’s and is World Lacrosse compliant.

NOTE: As this stick is designed for junior players there is a limited warranty for this stick in junior lacrosse. In short, what this means is don’t use it in senior men’s lacrosse. Not only will it not perform, but the shaft will likely bend in the first game which is not what you want.


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