Warrior Burn XP2-O Unstrung Lacrosse Head


The Warrior Burn XP2-O lacrosse head is a pro-player approved masterpiece that seamlessly combines power, precision, and durability. Constructed with Therma-Loc+ resin and featuring Spinetrack protection, X Truss technology, and a scoop diffuser, this head generates explosive shot power while maintaining its shape and integrity even in high-heat conditions.

The tighter face shape, high pinch design, and SYMFLEX technology promote unparalleled accuracy, while the Truoffset design lowers the centre of gravity for a deeper pocket and enhanced ball control.

With a mid-pocket placement offering low and high whip options, a secure three-screw shaft attachment, and adherence to all governing body specifications, the Burn XP2-O is a game-changer for attackmen and midfielders seeking an uncompromising edge on the field.



The pro player approved redesign of the Warrior Burn XP2-O generates extreme power, making it the go-to head for attackmen and midfielders. Warrior’s proprietary Therma-Loc+ resin ensures optimal performance even in sweltering conditions, maintaining the head’s shape and stiffness.

The bottom rail features a unique Spinetrack design that provides superior mesh and string protection while allowing for easy stringability and a secure pocket. The spine’s open architecture makes stringing a breeze and at the same time, it acts like a roll cage, shielding the pocket to maintain its integrity.

The strategically placed ridges of the scoop diffuser reduce drag when you scoop up heated ground balls, allowing for a smooth, seamless pickup. While the X Truss stabilizes the upper sidewall, it also focuses that energy down into the scoop for added torque on shots, giving you that added oomph.

Face Shape

Engineered with a tighter, high-pinch face shape, the Burn XP2-O concentrates power for lightning-quick releases that simply explode off the stick. SYMFLEX technology incorporates targeted flex zones into the scoop and bottom rail that temporarily load during your shooting motion, snapping back to add extra velocity and accuracy.

The innovative Trueoffset geometry lowers the sidewall below the centerline of the shaft, dropping the head’s centre of gravity for a deeper pocket feel and better ball control.

Pocket Placement

Precisely strung to an ideal mid-pocket position, the Burn gives you the choice of a low or high whip, letting you customise your pocket to perfectly match your style. The low whip offers a smooth pocket for a lightning-quick stick release ideal for burying one-timers. The high whip generates additional shot speed as you wind up, allowing you to send down the heat.

Shaft Attachment

Secured by a bombproof three-screw locking system, the Burn XP2-O head forms a solid unity with the shaft. As you torque and twist to snap off cranks, the two pieces remain fused without any disruptive loosening or twisting.


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