Warrior Burn Lacrosse Goalie Leg Pad


The Warrior Burn Lacrosse Goalie Leg Pads aren’t just protective gear; they’re your guardian on the field. They represent the fusion of comfort, flexibility, precision protection, and hassle-free maintenance while safeguarding your performance as you defend your goal.


In the dynamic role of a lacrosse goalie, where every save matters and protection is paramount, the Warrior Burn Lacrosse Goalie Leg Pads stand as the ultimate defender. These pads aren’t just equipment; they’re your shield against hard-hitting shots.


Enter the realm of Wartech Compression, the epitome of comfort and flexibility. Wartech Compression technology moulds around your legs, offering a snug yet comfortable fit. The pads move with you, adapting to every twist and turn without compromising on protection. They become an extension of your agility ensuring you’re always ready for the next play.


WPS foam strategically positioned in key areas ensures maximum impact absorption. But it doesn’t stop there. The Vented Protection System takes protection to another level. The leg pads not only shield you but also enhance fit, increase ventilation, reduce weight, and deflect impacts in critical zones. It’s about airflow and weight reduction without sacrificing protection for precision tending.


The convenience of hand washability adds an extra layer of ease to maintaining these leg pads. Ensure your gear stays fresh and ready for every game without the hassle of complex cleaning procedures. It’s about simplicity in maintenance, ensuring that your focus remains on the game, not on tedious washing routines.


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