Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Pads


The Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Pads are a great option for serious lacrosse players who demand superior performance on the field. These arm pads are designed with innovative features that provide optimal protection, mobility, and comfort, making them a top choice for players of all levels.


The Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Pads are a top choice for lacrosse players who demand the best in protection, mobility, and comfort.

Bone System tech

One of the standout features of the Warrior Burn Lacrosse Arm Pads is the Bone System technology in the bicep and forearm zones. This revolutionary design dramatically reduces the weight of the arm pads while still providing increased protection. Say goodbye to bulky arm pads that weigh you down – the Bone System technology in these arm pads ensures maximum mobility without sacrificing protection.

Move Freely with the Two-Piece Construction

The shorter length and two-piece construction with vertical breaks provide superior mobility and flex, allowing you to move freely and naturally during the game. Whether you’re dodging defenders or shooting for the goal, these arm pads won’t restrict your movements, giving you the agility and speed you need to excel on the field.

Additionally, the No-Slip Gel Print technology further secures the pad placement and reduces slip, so you can focus on your game without worrying about readjusting your arm pads.

Stay Fitted, and Cool

Featuring Wartech A/C technology, these inner sleeves of the arm pads are designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry during intense gameplay. Say goodbye to sweaty and uncomfortable arm pads – the Wartech A/C technology in these arm pads ensures maximum comfort and performance.

Low Profile Padding

The LoPro construction of these arm pads offers a low-profile design that doesn’t compromise on impact performance. You don’t get big chunks of padding on the exterior. It’s very compact while still offering great protection against hard checks and impacts.

Flat Straps

The Layflat Straps are designed to help prevent jersey snags, ensuring that your arm pads stay securely in place. You won’t have to worry about them catching on your jersey or other gear.

Overall, they’re a top choice if you’re looking for an arm pad that offers great protection, mobility, and comfort. With their Bone System technology, shorter length, two-piece construction, LoPro design, Wartech A/C technology, Layflat Straps, and No-Slip Gel Print (say that in one breath), these arm pads tick all the performance boxes.


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