True Temper Prowess Women’s Mesh Lacrosse Stick

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True Temper Prowess head fitted onto the lightweight Composite Smart Flex 4.0 shaft. A high-performance combination.


True Temper Prowess Head

The True Prowess lacrosse head, featuring the Pressure Channel design, is engineered to create the deepest, legal pocket to allow you to hold the ball securely even during your most aggressive moves.

The recessed elbow along the siderail allows pin-point pocket placement in the sweet spot.

FlexScoop technology makes ground balls effortless — a perfect union of control, strength and feel. It provides a full-on ground assault becoming flush with the ground for easier speed pick-ups.

The new Prowess provides maximum hold for trick moves like toe drags while you can also rip harder shots.

True Temper Composite SF 4.0 Shaft

The Composite SF 4.0 with Constrictor Grip is one of the best all-around composite shafts on the market. The handle is perfectly balanced between durability & lightweight design attributes that allow it to perform anywhere on the field.

The premium raised constrictor grip throughout the graphic provides a textured surface feel that mimics tape on your stick for improved stick control when dodging, passing and shooting.

“SMARTFLX” (SF) profile provides all-around performance through its dynamic flex features. Strategic stiffness allows for energy transfer directly to your shot while offering enough flexibility for improved feel and uncompromised durability.

SMARTPLY fiber angles are optimized in the shaft wall throughout. Up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fibre feature on the shaft. This is an excellent balance of flexibility, strength, and industry-leading impact resistance.

Constrictor Grip is a raised, textured grip along the length of the shaft for added grip and control. the grip features a fine texture finish for ultimate touch and feel while in play.


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True Temper

Shaft Material

Composite/Carbon fibre

Stick Colours

Black Head, Black/Blue Shaft, Black Head, Black/Pink Shaft, White Head, Black/Green Shaft, White Head, Black/Purple Shaft


True Temper

True Temper Lacrosse listen to the player's unmet needs. They are fearless in their designs of game-changing equipment. They care about growing the sport of lacrosse to a wider audience and more players.


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