True Temper Frequency Complete Lacrosse Stick


Outstanding True Frequency Head with an elite StringKing shaft.

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True Temper Frequency Head

True designed the Frequency Head with precision and craft to create a very impressive first offering in the head category.

The Frequency Head goes back to basic geometry with triangular sidewall rails and inverted cutouts to increase overall strength while reducing weight.

For added stiffness and durability True Frequency Heads use a triangular strut design from the scoop to the throat for well-balanced stress displacement.

True also paid close attention to how the Frequency Head would string up as well, with 21 sidewall holes varying in shapes and sizes this head can string up with the best of them.

The Frequency Universal Head features a Mid/High bottom rail design for mid to high pockets. Great hold for running up and down the field with powerful and accurate shooting and passing.

StringKing Metal 2 125 shaft

The Metal 2 shaft is made from a next-generation alloy. The alloy is lighter and stronger than what’s used in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries. With these advanced materials, the Metal 2 attack lacrosse shaft is more durable without weighing you down.

The Metal 2 is engineered to perform better along high-impact areas. StringKing’s advanced manufacturing process makes sure the shaft is strongest in the areas where shafts tend to break the most.


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True Temper


True Temper

True Temper Lacrosse listen to the player's unmet needs. They are fearless in their designs of game-changing equipment. They care about growing the sport of lacrosse to a wider audience and more players.


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