StringKing Complete Legend Lacrosse Stick


The Women’s Complete lacrosse stick is designed to be the ultimate in consistency. The stiff construction, expertly strung women’s lacrosse mesh pocket, and quality components deliver superior performance every time you pick up your lacrosse stick.


Unmatched consistency

The Women’s Complete lacrosse stick was developed to ensure consistent performance, from the stiff construction of the shaft to the mesh stringing pattern.

A better pocket

The Women’s Legend lacrosse head and Women’s Type 4 lacrosse mesh pocket work together to give you better hold, more control, and superior consistency.

Play fast

The lightweight Women’s Complete lacrosse stick is designed to play fast. We removed unnecessary material in the head and shaft to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

Legal for international play

The Women’s Complete stick is fully compliant with the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) and legal across all levels of play.


Additional information



Stringing Style



Black/Black, Black/Yellow, White/White, White/Yellow

Shaft Material

Composite/Carbon fibre, Metal 2




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