StringKing 3x Semi-Hard String Kit


Type 3 lacrosse mesh features our advanced Twistex™ technology, designed to give you more accuracy, more control, and more speed.



Twistex™ Technology
Twistex™ is our twisted yarn technology, designed to give you more control, more speed, more consistency. Just more.
StringKing Type 3 Performance Lacrosse Mesh Lacrosse Pocket Control

More control.
Twistex™ technology increases elasticity and texture in the yarns. This gives our Type 3 lacrosse mesh more stretch and feel for better control.

More accuracy.
Adding twist to the yarns before they are knit creates a more compact construction with a rigid backbone for consistent performance.

More speed.
Twistex™ technology allows us to make our Type 3 lacrosse mesh 15% thinner and lighter than Type 2 while maintaining durability and a rigid backbone for your pocket.

More feel.
Twistex™ increases texture that improves the grip and feel of your lacrosse pocket.

More snap.
Twisted yarns provide a controlled stretch that loads the ball in the channel for a snappier release.

More precise.
Each twist, yarn, and piece is precisely controlled to make sure that your lacrosse pocket strings up and performs the same every time.

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Black, White

Kit Type

Handy Kit

Stringing Style

Men's, Semi-Hard, Stringing Kit






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