Rage Cage Visor Portable Lacrosse Backup Net


The Rage Cage Visor is a practical 9×12 foot lacrosse goal net attachment that prevents lost balls and protects surroundings from stray shots. It integrates seamlessly with the B100 and Club Rage Cage goals or any 6x6x7 foot goal using an adapter kit.


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The Rage Cage Visor is a game-changing addition to any lacrosse goal setup, designed to prevent the frustration of losing balls or having to chase them down behind the goal. With dimensions of 9 feet tall by 12 feet wide, this visor creates a comprehensive barrier, especially if your goal borders a brush, wooded area, or a space full of weeds.

Serving as a courteous neighbour net, the Rage Cage Visor helps protect nearby houses, windows, and fences from stray shots, ensuring that your practice sessions or games remain enjoyable without causing any unintended damage or disturbances.


Seamless integration is at the core of the Rage Cage Visor’s design. It effortlessly attaches to the one-time assembly holes found in the Rage Cage B100 and Club goals, providing a secure and hassle-free installation process.

However, the Rage Cage Visor’s versatility extends beyond these specific models. If you have any other 6ft x 6ft x 7ft goal, you can easily incorporate the visor into your setup by drilling holes in the proper locations of the goal and utilising the Rage Cage Visor Adapter Kit.

Whether you’re a coach setting up a practice field, a parent prepping for backyard sessions, or a dedicated player looking to maximize your training time, the Rage Cage Visor is an essential accessory that eliminates the frustration of chasing down errant balls and promotes a focused, uninterrupted lacrosse experience.

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