Rage Cage Pro V6 Portable Lacrosse Goal


The Rage Cage Pro Portable Lacrosse Goal is an NCAA-compliant, 46kg professional-grade goal with an ultra-strong 6mm reinforced net, enhanced ground brackets, weighted crossbar for stability, tool-free folding to a compact size, streamlined setup with a cart and video guide, and an included ShotBlocker Pro training aid – delivering durability, performance, and training value in one elite package.

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The Rage Cage Pro Portable Lacrosse Goal is a top-of-the-line cage that meets NCAA specifications for an official flat-bottom lacrosse goal.

The standout feature is the ability to fold in seconds without the need for tools, making transportation a breeze. When folded, the Rage Cage Pro boasts a compact size of 122cm (h) x 120cm (d) x 36cm (w), allowing for easy storage and transport.

Weighing in at just under 46kgs, this goal is built for professional-level competition, ensuring durability and performance in the most intense games.


The Rage Cage Pro comes equipped with an ultra-strong 6mm net, designed to withstand the most powerful shots. The net fastening system features a durable connection between the net and pipe, making it suitable for the highest-level shooters.

Additionally, the net features double monofilament along the crossbar, reinforcing the area that experiences the most stress during the game.

Goal Design

The Rage Cage Pro boasts an improved Ground Bracket design, addressing the limitations of previous versions. The V4 and V5 Ground Brackets had only one silver plate between the two pipes, which could bend if the goal was not set up properly. The new V6 Ground Brackets feature two plates, one on each side of the pipes, making them twice as strong. Furthermore, the welded nuts in the Ground Brackets ensure they will never come apart, adding to the goal’s durability.

To enhance stability when facing the highest calibre shots, the Rage Cage Pro incorporates welded extra weights inside the crossbar, providing exceptional resistance and minimizing the risk of movement or instability.


While a one-time assembly is required for the Rage Cage Pro, the process is straightforward and facilitated by a provided video guide. Each goal comes with a cart for easy transportation, further simplifying the setup process.

The one-time assembly for the Rage Cage Pro has been streamlined, making it extremely quick and easy. The new V6 ground bracket locking pins are tethered to the net near the ground brackets, ensuring fast and easy access. These pins are inserted into holes in the new ground brackets locking the joints open, providing extra goal stability.

When it’s time to fold the goal, you simply pull out the locking pins and fold the joint, eliminating the need to lay the goal on its face or deal with bolt/wing nut storage in the point joint, as required by older designs. This improvement saves valuable time and effort.


The Rage Cage Pro comes with a Rage Cage ShotBlocker Pro, a valuable training aid that exposes areas of the net where shooters typically aim. This design is recommended for teaching youth players where to shoot, as aiming for the inside of one of the pipes is a more reliable strategy.


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