Maverik Kinetik 3 Lacrosse Head


The Maverik Kinetik 3 Lacrosse Head is a masterfully engineered piece of equipment that seamlessly blends advanced technology with precision and control.

Featuring XRail technology for a lightweight yet stiff design, Duratough materials for consistent performance in all weather conditions, and the innovative Control Core that redistributes mass for enhanced ball control, the Kinetik 3 sets a new standard in lacrosse head construction.

Its updated narrow face shape, combined with the Tension Lock for a defined shooting channel and a shortened throat, promotes pinpoint accuracy and ultimate ball control. The mid to high pocket placement, complemented by the Optimal Release Point for added hold and extreme energy offset when shooting, caters to a wide range of playing styles.

With a secure, single-screw shaft attachment and adherence to all governing body specifications, the Kinetik 3 empowers players to elevate their game and dominate on the field.



The Maverik Kinetik 3 Lacrosse Head showcases innovative engineering with its XRail technology. This advanced feature distributes stress to the opposite rail, resulting in a lightweight yet remarkably stiff design. Additionally, the Duratough materials used in its construction increase stiffness and provide consistency in any weather condition, ensuring reliable performance rain or shine.

At the heart of the Kinetik 3 lies the Control Core, a design marvel that redistributes mass in the scoop and throat areas. This strategic approach decreases overall weight while increasing stiffness, ultimately enhancing ball control – a critical factor in dictating the pace of the game.

Face Shape

The Kinetik 3 boasts an updated narrow face shape design that complements its advanced construction. The Tension Lock feature allows stringers to precisely locate a defined shooting channel, translating to increased accuracy and precision with every shot.

Complementing the narrow face is a shortened throat, providing ultimate ball control. This design element enables players to maintain a firm grip on the stick, facilitating quick transitions and decisive movements on the field.

Pocket Placement

The Kinetik 3 features a mid to high pocket placement, catering to a variety of playing styles. This versatile design ensures that both power shooters and finesse players can find their ideal sweet spot.

Enhancing the pocket placement is the Optimal Release Point, a feature that increases control with added hold while providing an extreme energy offset when shooting. This combination allows for precise shot placement and blistering velocity, giving you a competitive edge on the field.

Shaft Attachment

The Kinetik 3 employs a tight fit, single screw shaft attachment system, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the head and shaft. This seamless integration translates into optimal energy transfer, enabling you to unleash powerful shots and pinpoint passes with ease.

Adhering to the highest standards, the Maverik Kinetik 3 Lacrosse Head meets all NFHS, NCAA, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse men’s field specifications, allowing you to compete at any level with confidence and peace of mind.


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