Maverik Caliber Defence Lacrosse Shaft


New for the 2023 season, the Caliber Defence Lacrosse Shaft is Maverik’s top-of-the-line choice for any defensive player. With the all-new Dual Wall Taper Technology, the new model has been updated with stronger and thicker walls. Made from a high-grade scandium/titanium alloy, this shaft is durable and built to perform.

The shaft measures 60 inches in length and weighs about 320g, making it ideal for quick and agile defensive play. The shaft has a traditional octagonal shape and Maverik’s beaded finish, giving you superior control.

Available in black or white, the Maverik Caliber Defence Lacrosse Shaft is the perfect choice for superior performance.

Used by 4X NCAA All American, LSM, CJ Costabile.



The Caliber defensive shaft is Maverik’s top-of-the-line shaft for defenders. Made with their Military Grade Scandium-Titanium alloy blend, this shaft will perform when you’re throwing hard checks.

Shaft Design

This shaft features “Dual Wall Taper” technology. This technology adds reinforcement along the shaft length to withstand the beating you’re likely to dish out. It is heavier than the Hypercore but that is to be expected. The Sc-Ti blends are pound-for-pound heavier than carbon, but you get the added bonus of additional strength.

So while the 60″ Caliber is definitely a noticeable step up from the Hypercore in terms of weight, you also get a boost in performance and reliability.

Cross Section

While this shaft is strong, not bending during the game is the key. So Maverik has added concave curves to the four diagonal edges to make the shaft more durable. It just makes it feel a bit more compact in the hands.

Players either like or do not like concave shafts, and if you’re even somewhat happy with concave shafts you’ll love this one. It’s not necessarily extremely concave, but it’s just enough to give you the concave feel while also ticking the durability box.

Exterior Finish

The shaft features a Bead Blast finish. This is the most common finish on the Maverik shafts. An ever so slight feel of grip with a nice sleek look. But if you do use tape normally you will need to tape this.


The shaft comes with a maintenance tool with two tips to adjust the screws on the shafts. There is one for attaching it to the head and one for the Adjustable Butt End (ABE) that is included. The ABE design has been slightly tweaked, but it’s the same ‘ole butt end Maverik is well known for.


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Black, Gunmetal, Silver, White


Defense (60")

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