Lacrosse Gear Modcrosse Junior Boys Lacrosse Stick


The perfect boys lacrosse stick for Modcrosse and Under 10-12’s.

The stick is designed from scoop to end cap to help new starters learn the basics of lacrosse.

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if you’re looking for an entry-level lacrosse stick to get you started in Lacrosse, then look no further. These are our own custom-designed lacrosse sticks which are suitable for modcrosse and under 12 play.

This lacrosse stick has been specifically designed to support skills development without compromising quality or breaking the bank.

Here are some of the cool features:

Custom-designed head for modcrosse

When starting out, developing the basic skills of ground balls, catching and throwing is crucial. That’s why we’ve designed this head to support those specific actions. The scoop on the head is very flat giving you a large area to pick up the ball, making the whole process that much easier. The head is slightly wider than pro heads making for easier catching and passing.

Pre-strung soft mesh stringing that is ready to go

The stick comes with a pre-strung soft mesh kit that is designed for modcrosse. The modcrosse ball is lighter than a normal field lacrosse ball so you need our soft mesh to handle the lack of weight. It’s ready to go and also fully adjustable.

A lightweight full-length shaft (30″)

We’ve chosen a lightweight shaft to match the lightweight head design. This is a genuine full-length aluminium alloy shaft that will withstand the rigours of modcrosse.

Colour options

We have four colour options with the sticks.

  • Black head, silver shaft
  • Black head black shaft
  • White head, silver shaft
  • White head, black shaft


Some assembly is required. The head and shaft are sent detached. The shaft needs to be inserted into the head and the screw used to attach the head to the shaft.

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Black/Black, Black/Silver, White/Black, White/Silver



Full Length Men's (40")



Shaft Diameter




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