Lacrosse Gear Team Lacrosse Stick Bag


Lacrosse Gear Stick Bag

Comfortably fits 12 lacrosse sticks.

(balls not included)

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If you need to carry a set of lacrosse sticks, you’ll need a lacrosse stick bag.

We design this lacrosse stick bag ourselves and fitted it with all the features you’d expect from a stick bag.


The bag itself is made from heavy duty nylon. The seams are all attached with double stitching making the whole bag super tough.

The bottom is enclosed in nylon to catch any dirty that may gather on the sticks during play. To clean it, when it’s empty turn it upside and down and give it a shake.

Around the top of the bag we have mesh panels. This allows some air flow around the sticks so if they do get wet they have the opportunity to dry out.


We’ve added an extendable shoulder strap to the bag. It’s thick enough so that it doesn’t dig into your shoulder and strong enough to withstand the expected rough and tumble that comes with lacrosse.

Drawstring closure

The top of the bag can be closed up with a heavy duty nylon drawstring. We’ve run the drawstring through eyelets which adds further life to the bag.

The bag can hold up to 12 lacrosse sticks and comes with a 6 month warranty against manufacturing defects.

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