ECD Hero 3.0 Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh – White


The latest tech has gone into this mesh to produce a lightweight, durable and consistent mesh.

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The Hero 3.0 semi hard mesh from ECD Lacrosse is one of the best meshes they have ever made.

The new Repel+ Coating makes the mesh far more repellent to water. Any moisture in your mesh leads to bagging and extra weight. They hydro-phobic nature of this mesh really works to reduce this.

The semi hard nature gives you the firmness you’d expect without the mesh being rock hard.

The enhanced Innegra Core Weave is a much more stable and consistent knit which reduces bagging. Combined with the new Textured LTH Fibers, you have a seriously lightweight and consistent piece of mesh. The lighter weight gives you a better feel of the ball and let’s face it, any weight reduction can only be a good thing.

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Men's, Mesh Only, Semi-Hard


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