Cascade XRS Pro Custom Lacrosse Helmet

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Play like a Pro.

With an impressive set of baseline features plus a plethora of new features, the new XRS Pro helmet from Cascade is clearly the leader in the field.

To play at your best, you need the best. And the XRS Pro is the best.

Chin & Washer
Chin Strap
Visor Decal
Mohawk Decal
Rear Panel Decal


Visit the Cascade XRS Pro helmet customiser to design your helmet.

Design your XRS Pro Helmet


The double jawbone, adds extra surface area to disperse ball impact force.

In a nod to just how good the design of the XRS protection is, Cascade has kept all the features in the XRS Pro.

The Tri-Liner, which consists of three protective features, Seven Tech+, EAFx and Gen 5 EPP, is continued into the XRS Pro.

  1. Seven Tech+ is a compression padding system that disperses impact force laterally. Its responsive nature means it reforms its original shape within seconds. It’s mainly featured around the lateral sides and rear of the helmet.
  2. EAFx is an energy-absorbing impact foam. It’s located inside the top of your helmet and provides a high amount of protection to the top of your head.
  3. Gen 5 EPP is an expanded polypropylene foam that has outstanding energy absorption characteristics. It’s located inside the front of your helmet and is designed to absorb front-on impacts on the helmet and facemask.

The Double Jawbone and the SuperMono X Shell features from the XRS also feature in the XRS Pro.

  • The two bars located along the ear extending back to the jaw make up the Double Jawbone.
  • The Super Mono X Shell is a one-piece shell and visor construction that is designed to protect against frontal impacts.

Pro Fit

In terms of fit, the XRS Pro boasts three new features. Pro Fit, Pro Liner and the Quick Clip system.

Pro Fit is new for the XRS Pro and is a redesign of the rear external panel of the helmet. It extends down the length of the back panel to provide extra protection to the rear of your head.

The internals of the XRS Pro have been upgraded with the new Pro Liner. This is a new moisture-wicking fabric within the helmet that is designed to keep you drier during games.

A new optional innovative feature on the XRS Pro is the Quick Clip system. This is a new innovation from Cascade where the lower chin guard clips are attached magnetically to the helmet shell. The clips detach easily by sliding the chin clip down. Reattachment is a breeze where you only need to get the two pieces near each other and the magnet does the rest. When ordering Quick Clip, be sure to add the Quick Clip option to your cart.

Other continuing features are the 360 Fit and the SPR Fit.

A helmet wobbling around on your head will compromise its protective features and to ensure this doesn’t happen, the 360 Fit system is continued into the XRS Pro. The 360 Fit wraps around your head to give you a consistent fit. It doesn’t merely sit on your head but has several points of contact with minimal pressure points all around your head. Think of it as your helmet hugging your head.

The SPR Fit system has also been included. Still as customisable as ever and caters for a wide range of head sizes.

Comfortable and Cool

The XFLOW ventilation system, as featured on XRS, is also on the XRS Pro. The design keeps the helmet will centred on your head to give you fantastic airflow to keep your head cool.

Vixion provides more peripheral sight.
Vixion provides more peripheral sight.

Pro Vision

The last of the new features on the XRS Pro is “Pro Vision“. This builds upon the VisionBar system of the XRS and provides a second bar. This improves downward vision so when you’re going for a ground ball, you see the ball and not the mask.

The XRS Pro also has the VIXION clear section on the side of the face guard maintaining that extra peripheral vision introduced by the XRS.


As always with the XRS line, the Cascade XRS Pro lacrosse helmet is fully customisable. You can personalise your helmet with a range of colour combinations, decals, and team logos, making your gear a reflection of your individual style and team spirit.

Safety and Warranty

The Cascade XRS Pro Helmet meets all NOCSAE standards and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Your helmet is custom-built in the USA and shipped directly to us. We then give it a once over then, ship it on to you. Turn around time is about 3 weeks.

With all the features of the XRS predecessor and the addition of the new Quick Clip, Pro Vision, Pro Fit & Pro Liner technologies, the XRS Pro stamps its mark as the leading lacrosse helmet.




Cascade are American innovators with a passion to protect. They build & deliver high performance game changing headgear for lacrosse.


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