Brine Triumph Lacrosse Goalie Pants


Comfortable and flexible goalie pants from Brine that provide elite-level protection for your upper-legs.


As a lacrosse goalie, protection, comfort, and flexibility are paramount to your performance on the field. The right gear can make all the difference in helping you excel in your role as the last line of defence. Brine, a leading name in lacrosse equipment, has upgraded their Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Pants, featuring cutting-edge beaded foam technology, designed to provide unmatched protection and comfort for goalies.

Beaded Foam Technology

At the heart of the Brine Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Pants is the innovative beaded foam technology. The pants are engineered with tiny beads of foam that are strategically placed to provide optimal impact protection. These beads compress upon impact, dispersing the force across a larger surface area which reduces the risk of injuries. They also absorb some of the shot impact force, minimizing the risk of bruises, contusions, and other injuries. This is especially crucial for goalies who face powerful shots and aggressive attacks from opponents.

Comfortable Fit

Designed to be worn under shorts, the Brine Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Pants offer an additional layer of protection without compromising on comfort or mobility. The slim and sleek design allows goalies to wear them comfortably under their shorts, providing an extra layer of cushioning without hindering their movements on the field. The pants fit snugly, allowing goalies to move with agility and speed, essential for making those critical saves and quick reactions. The elastic waistband with reinforced pull loops ensures a secure fit, reducing the risk of ripping or shifting during intense gameplay. This provides added durability and longevity to the pants, making them reliable for long-term use.

Machine Washable

Another notable feature of the Brine Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Pants is their machine-washable nature. Goalies often face sweat, dirt, and grime during games and practices, and having gear that is easy to clean is a huge advantage. These pants can be simply tossed into the washing machine after use, making them convenient and hassle-free to maintain. This ensures that the pants stay fresh and clean for the next game or practice, allowing goalies to focus on their game without worrying about gear maintenance.

The Brine Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Pants is a top-of-the-line choice for serious goalies who prioritize protection, comfort, and flexibility. With beaded foam technology, a sleek design for wearing under shorts, an elastic waistband with reinforced pull loops, and machine-washable convenience, these pants have it all. Elevate your game with the Brine Triumph Goalie Lacrosse Pants and experience the ultimate in performance and protection on the field.


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