Brine Mantra 4 Women’s Lacrosse Stick

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The Brine Mantra 4 Lacrosse Stick is a masterpiece of innovation and engineering, designed to revolutionize your performance on the lacrosse field. Packed with advanced features, this stick is a game-changer for players who demand precision, control, and unmatched power in their game.


Vari-Flex technology

At the heart of the Mantra 4 is Brine’s Patented Vari-Flex technology, a groundbreaking system that optimizes the stick’s flex points. This is achieved by inserting stiffer materials into strategic sections to control flex.

The result? Unparalleled control over your shots and passes during the warmer conditions. This is especially important in Australia.

Grid-Flex X pocket

The Mantra 4 boasts the all-new Grid-Flex X pocket, meticulously engineered to elevate your ball control to a whole new level. Its innovative design gives you a consistent channel through the entire head, allowing for consistent and accurate releases. Whether you’re dodging defenders or setting up a crucial play, the Grid-Flex X pocket delivers the confidence and finesse you need to excel.

Mirror-Tech technology

With Brine’s Mirror-Tech technology, the Mantra 4’s bottom rail is engineered to reduce weight while maintaining its strength. The result is a more durable and responsive head, capable of withstanding the rigours of intense gameplay.

TruOffset head

The TruOffset feature of the Mantra 4 is engineered to enhance your control of the ball. It achieves this by lowering the sidewall below the centerline of the shaft for maximum ball control and a deeper pocket feel. This is a fairly standard feature on all heads now.

Strong, superlight alloy shaft

Crafted with a Superlight 7/8″ aluminium alloy shaft, the Mantra 4 strikes the perfect balance between strength and agility. The lightweight design lets you move swiftly on the field, giving you a competitive edge that sets you apart from the rest.

With its Patented Vari-Flex technology, Grid-Flex X pocket, Mirror-Tech construction, TruOffset design, and Superlight aluminium alloy shaft, the Brine Mantra 4 lacrosse will take your skills to new heights. Dominate the field and leave your mark on the game.

This stick meets all World Lacrosse field specifications.

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