Brine Dynasty Warp Pro MID Minimus Carbon Women’s Lacrosse Stick


The Dynasty Warp Pro MID features a MINIMUS CARBON handle, mid Warp pocket with a larger channel designed for thsoe whoe work at both ends of the field.


Brine are proud to introduce their expanded Pro line of Warp pockets that caters to each person’s unique style of play. The Dynasty Warp Pro MID features a Mid-channel Warp pocket with a larger channel designed with plated runners for manoeuvring and controlling the ball on both ends of the field.

The MID pocket was designed for the advanced player with a textured knit for enhanced feel & hold, a high shooting string and engineered tension zones optimal for controlling the ball and directing draw controls!

Warp pocket technology for consistent performance that is game-ready off the shelf. Premium material blend pocket performs in all weather conditions.

  • LOC-THROAT head insert tailored specifically for the women’s game providing the ultimate fit between the head and handle.
  • MINIMUS CARBON: A high strength, lightweight carbon composite weave that lends to super lightweight performance.
  • Shape- Octagonal, Size- Mid-diameter
  • Meets World Lacrosse specifications

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Black, Titanium, White






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