Glove Sizes

Glove sizing

Measure the length between the tip of the middle finger and the point where the wrist meets the palm. This is the distance that the glove palm will cover. This distance will approximately correspond with the size chart provided below.

When purchasing gloves, you want to make sure that the gloves fit snuggly and that the fingertips are touching the edge of the glove. Loose-fitting gloves make it difficult to control the stick and can be frustrating to deal with (especially for newer players). Try to purchase the best-fitting gloves for right now and avoid buying the next size up to “grow into”.

If you are looking for a more in-depth look at selecting lacrosse glove sizes, please refer to the Lacrosse Glove Sizing Chart below or contact our customer support team for personalised guidance.

Lacrosse glove sizing chart

SizeHand Length (cms)≈ Weight (kgs)
X-Small / Youth Small15.2523 – 27
Small / Youth Medium16.527 – 32
Medium / Youth Large17.832 – 50
Large19.550 – 85
This sizing chart is provided as a general guideline. Please contact customer service for additional sizing guidance.